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5/18/2017 House of Geekiness 2 Comments

I was blessed enough to find an amazing man, who's arguably even more nerdy than myself! We have 3 wonderful geeklings in training who keep us on our toes and keep the laughter going.

I am a stay-at-home mom, publicist, book manager, editor, writer, and geek-crafter. I'm always working on something, usually several things at once, since I'm extremely ADHD! Check my current projects, My Battle for Better Health, Perler Beadsmy advice blog for authors, or read more about our House of Geekiness.

We love all our pets (we've been told many times that we've got a small zoo in our apartment) and the hilarity and whimsy they bring to our lives.

You can find me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Be sure to visit my shops on Etsy, Storenvy, and Ebay.

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    1. The webpage isn't loading correctly. I see the info on bead storage, but nothing that shows what organizers you are talking about. Can you please let me know? Thanks!

      1. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't working! It's all updated. Good luck!