Incredible Geeky Pumpkins!

10/27/2013 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

 All of these are available to order from The Pumpkin Geek!

There are so many awesome ones, these are just my favorites.

Star Trek Captain Picard Pumpkin Carving
Star Trek Enterprise vs Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek battle Pumpkin Carving

Boba Fett Pumpkin Carving

Star Wars Darth Vader Pumpkin Carving

Star Wars Kit Fisto Pumpkin Carving

Firefly Serenity Captain Malcolm Reynolds Pumpkin Carving

Firefly Serenity Captain Malcolm Reynolds Pumpkin Carving

Batman Returns Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) Pumpkin Carving

House MD Pumpkin Carving

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Pumpkin Carving

Doctor Who Amy Pond and Eleventh Doctor Pumpkin Carving

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor and Sonic Screwdriver Pumpkin Carving

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor and Tardis Pumpkin Carving

Avengers Loki Pumpkin Carving

Lord of the Rings Aragorn Pumpkin Carving

Harry Potter Pumpkin Carving

Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Pumpkin Carving

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pumpkin Carving

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike Pumpkin Carving

Spider-man Pumpkin Carving

X-men Wolverine Hugh Jackman Pumpkin Carving

X-Files Scully and Mulder Pumpkin Carving

Zelda Link Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Data, Worf, Picard, Riker Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Q Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Data Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Commander Riker Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dax Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Cardassian Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Odo Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Voyager the Doctor Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Quark Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek movie Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Wrath of Khan Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Spock Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Captain Kirk (Chris Pine)

Star Trek Spock Pumpkin Carving

Star Trek Spock (Zachary Quinto) Pumpkin Carving

Working on your own pumpkin masterpiece? Be sure you have your pumpkin carving tools!

Check out more pumpkins:

Incredibly Geeky Pumpkins Part 3

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