I Got Scolded by the Mayor and Kissed by a Camel

3/31/2016 House of Geekiness 4 Comments

Tonight's Provo Birthday Block Party was so much fun! My parents and uncle were in town, so we got to share one of the events that makes our city cool.

It's been cold and rainy all week, so we were lucky we didn't get rained out tonight! It was still pretty cold and when Mayor Curtis was saying hi to our family, he exclaimed, "Where's your coat?" To be fair, everyone else was bundled up and I was wearing a skirt and 3/4 sleeve shirt with my usual sandals. I shrugged. "These are my winter clothes." I really didn't want to explain how my messed up thyroid makes my temperature intolerance so bad that I literally did not even wear shoes or long pants most of the winter. Unless I couldn't get to my car without getting snow on my toes, I wore sandals. I did try to wear long pants one day, but I just got too hot! I really did try... But that's ok. Wearing minimal clothing when it's freezing out makes me look tough, right? ;)

But the block party was lots of fun! There were all kinds of food trucks: pizza, burritos, crepes, waffles, doughnuts, ice cream... Lots of variety. My kids are huge Waffle Love fans, and my mom (the strawberry waffle obsessed woman herself) got to try them. Of course it was love at first bite. :)

While we were waiting for our waffles, my oldest ran off to meet some of his favorite cast members from Studio C. They were so nice talking to him, especially Whitney Call, as he jumped up and down and told them all about his favorite episodes.

I haven't seen nearly as much Studio C as the kids have, but I recognized a lot of these cast members from one of our favorite YouTube videos/song parodies: Firebolt (BYU Divine Comedy's Harry Potter parody of the pop song Firework--which my family doesn't actually know the "real" lyrics to, just the HP version, which we like better. :)

He also met Matt Meese, Whitney Call, Jason Gray, Stacey Harkey, and Jeremy Warner. Jeremy was pretty funny. He's a pretty unique looking guy, so it cracked us up when my son told him that he looked like Jeremy from Studio C, and he replied, "Yeah, I get that a lot."

The IFA Country Store (where we buy our bunny's food and litter) sponsored the event and did free pony rides and a petting zoo. 

These alpacas were super cute but my favorite was:

This camel!

I had no idea camels were so sweet! This this lil guy (or gal??) kept coming back for more love. I tried backing away, but he wouldn't let me, just kept nuzzling and loving on me. :) SO cute! 

This kids loved touring the firetruck and ambulance!

We finished off the night winning two hats in raffle while our two youngest played in the bounce house.

Then, I polished off a "Buff Chick" from the Sweeto Burrito truck. Get it without the cilantro sauce and have them add bacon. Trust me, it's life changing! Some of the best comfort food out there. I mean, tater tots, crispy chicken, cheese, bacon, and sweet buffalo sauce? Can't go wrong. I'd forgotten just how much I loved these!

Thank you Provo City and IFA, we had a blast!

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