Giveaway Marathon Day 26: Win a $60 Doctor Who Print Set from Tom Ryan's Studio!

12/19/2014 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

Win a $60 Doctor Who Print Set (13" x 19") from Tom Ryan's Studio!
(All prints are shipped in a sturdy mailing tube for protection.)

If you’re a fellow geek, nerd, dork or all around art lover, then you might just love my work! Let me tell you a bit more about myself, I’m an artist who grew up in the 80’s. And lately nostalgia has hit me pretty hard. I’ve been looking back to my youth for inspiration. I began with some Star Wars prints, Han Shot First being my most popular. Then came another print from my all time favorite movie, “Back to the Future.” Both these prints were received extremely well and have pushed me to design more prints of this nature.

Designing my geek inspired prints is the just the first step though, the quality of the prints that I sell is the other. It’s a very important step in the process of selling my work, which I take very seriously. 

I don’t just design geek inspired art. I also paint on skateboards, journals, and canvases as well. Over all I’m an over all easy going artist who takes his craft seriously but only does it because it truly is still fun.  - Tom

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