My Christmas Watchlist

12/04/2015 House of Geekiness 5 Comments

You might be surprised by which movies make my Christmas Watchlist. Beside the traditional movies like It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, and the other Christmas specials that are always popular, my list is...let's just say a bit eclectic. And oh so fun! :) 

One of the funniest movies ever made and probably the most quoted in my family!

With beautiful costumes and witty dialogue, and a swoon-worthy romance, Emma is one of my favorite Jane Austen movies (and not too off from the book).

White Christmas is a given, but many have never even heard of its predecessor, Holiday Inn. This Irving Berlin musical features Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Marjorie Reynolds in magical song and dance numbers and a romantic comedy in which the song "White Christmas" made its original debut.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, your life is incomplete.

Despite many things I don't like about this movie, it's Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer. Period.

This was one of the first BBC shows that won my heart. Based on the 1855 Victorian novel North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, North & South is a must watch! (Not to mention that it stars Richard Armitage. Enough said.)

This lovely Jimmy Stewart classic was the inspiration for the next movie on our list:

It might seem like a bit of a stretch, but it really does take place during the holidays and goes on my list!

What's on your Christmas Watchlist? Comment below.
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