Holiday Giveaway 2016: Handwrapped Circlet from Refreshing Designs

12/20/2016 House of Geekiness 3 Comments

I first met Heidi, of Refreshing Designs, at FanX 2015 (see cosplays and other awesomeness from our experience at FanX 2015 here).
Jewelry by Refreshing Designs
I kept asking people where they got their AMAZING circlets and jewelry, and they sent me to the most popular booth at the con (where I spent all of my birthday money!) I couldn't resist her gorgeous Elven circlets, bracelets, and necklaces. Actually, my daughter couldn't resist eitherI've had to fight her her for them ever since!
Ariel cosplay by larissapaigecopslay with Tritan Crown by Refreshing Designs

Daenerys Targaryen cosplay with circlet by Refreshing Designs at Salt Lake Comic Con 

Simple and elegant Celtic headband by Refreshing Designs
Elven bridal circlet by Refreshing Designs

Lord of the Rings Arwen cosplay with circlet by Refreshing Designs at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

Gypsy circlet by Refreshing Designs
Steampunk cosplay with circlet by Refreshing Designs at Salt Lake Comic Con 2016
Sailor Moon Jewel Headband worn and designed by Heidi of Refreshing Designs
 About Heidi:

I am a mother of two wonderful, active boys whom I love dearly. One of my favorite quotes says: "A mother of boys is on the go from son up to son down." Isn't that the truth! 

However, when I do find time to unwind, those 10 precious minutes :}, I usually spend it making custom jewelry and accessories. It relaxes me and lets my mind wonder into a land where anything is possible. I look at a long piece of wire and become excited at its potential. I never plan out my designs before-hand, unless I am making a copy. It is usually a very organic, free-form process. The wire sort of shapes itself in a way. 

I am most inspired by medieval Celtic design and the Renaissance period. Though I am a huge fan of Tolkien too and the world of the Elves.

But when it is all said and done, hopefully, you enjoy wearing my art work as much as I enjoy creating it. 

Go to Heidi's Instagram and see more of her amazing designs, like this crazy Loki cosplay wire work headdress! You can also find Heidi's Refreshing Designs on FacebookTwitter, and Etsy.

This design is called "Isilme" which is elvish for "moonlight"! 
Because she is so cool, Heidi is giving away a circlet (pictured above) to one lucky fan! The winner will be announced on New Year's Day. She's also giving us an exclusive discount: free shipping (in the continental US only) with any purchase over $20! Just use the promo code "THANKS2U" at checkout.

Enter the Giveaway:
House of Geekiness Holiday Giveaway 2016

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