Halloween 2014

11/18/2014 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

It took forever to post this because the kids took off with my camera, and I just found it.
We had such a fun Halloween! 

Ash from Pokémon
Our oldest really wanted to be Ash, so we hit the thrift store, hand-painted a hat, raided the toy bin and closet, and came up with a costume he loved.

A "princess cat"
Our daughter really wanted to be a cat but couldn't pass up this princess dress, so we ended up with a cat princess.

A Star Wars clone trooper
Our youngest has been wearing this costume almost non-stop since I found it months ago!

Cinderella Bear's ride to the ball
We always dress up the dog too, but our daughter misplaced Daisy's Batman costume (probably after trying to put it on the cat...) and this is what we came up with in the few minutes we had before trick-or-treating.


perler beads

The Elusive List of Colors From Perler 11,000-22,000 Jars

11/18/2014 House of Geekiness 18 Comments

For beginners, I've always recommended getting the 11,000 or 22,000 count Perler bead jars from Amazon. Like I've said before, these jars come with a great variety of colors (30 colors, to be precise), and the price is cheaper than I've found anywhere else. (Please comment if you've found a better deal--I go through beads insanely fast, so I'd love to know!!!)

What's always bugged me is that a list of included colors don't seem to be anywhere, and believe me I've looked! I finally broke down and emailed ES Success Brands (the manufacturer) and asked them, not expecting anything but an automated reply. They actually emailed me back with the list, so I must share!!

Not pictured: Transparent Green, Transparent Pink, Transparent Orange, and Transparent Yellow

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