House of Geekiness' Giveaway Marathon Day 7

11/23/2013 House of Geekiness 2 Comments

Win this
Mistborn Allomantic Metals Necklace
with Handmade Label  
from TheNerdNiche!

In a world where Mistings and Mistborns lie, you always have to be prepared, especially when you're one of those allomantic metal burning people. Whether you're a Soother like Breeze or a full fledged Mistborn like Vin and Kelsier, there is a metal for you! Inspired by Brandon Sanderson's trilogy "Mistborn," I bring to you these pendants or charms. In checkout, you'll be able to say which metal you want (sometimes it is simply the sign on the bottle that changes because these metals look so similar). If you want multiple (of the same metal or differing metals), shoot me a message and I'll list a special order for you. Bottle is available with or without the eyescrew, if needed for cosplay. Contents in bottle do not move, unless requested. Slight variation in each item will occur. Most items are made to order when purchased. This pendant comes with an 18" ball chain.

Heather of TheNerdNiche, is a young mother, video gamer and lover of all things nerdy. She says, “There are very few fandoms that I don’t enjoy. But my main loves where most of my inspiration comes from are Pokemon, Harry Potter, Avatar: TheLast Airbender and Legend of Zelda. And that is just to name a few.” Heather is grateful that gaming, reading and simply “being a nerd” is more accepted now, especially with those who have different kinds of handicaps, such as social anxiety and depression. “The nerd and geek community are just so accepting of others because they understand that we all have quirks and niches we belong to.” She also loves being able to bring geeky and nerdcore jewelry and other art items that you can’t find anywhere else to the public.
Growing up in the 90s as the youngest of 8 children, Heather had a lot of help from older siblings getting her into gaming and nerdy things in general. “I remember waking up on Saturday mornings really early so I could watch Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, followed by laughing as my older siblings fought over who got to be Mario or Luigi and whose turn it was to play A Link to the Past. As they left the house and I played more, my love of gaming and tv shows grew as I had more time on my hands. I mention my appreciation of the nerd community accepting people so readily because that’s what happened to me; having depression in my young teen years, I had few things to turn to. Gaming, reading and art were the biggest three. And now I do them all the time.”
You can find her shop on etsy, twitter, facebook, pinterest , and deviantart.


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