Ant-Man Movie Spoiler Free Review and Parental Guide

9/02/2015 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

We were kid free today (school just started, and my hubby didn't have class today), so we got to go see Ant-Man!

Ant-Man Movie Review
(Parental Guide Below)
Being an Ant-Man fan (ok, Wasp fan ;) I was really skeptical going into this because they changed so many big things (like Scott as Ant-Man and Hank as a mentor, and Wasp wasn't really in the movie). That being said, I tried to keep an open mind and just try to enjoy the show.... 
To date, this is one of the better Marvel movies I've seen. They've recreated the feel that made the first few Avengers related films so good. 
What I Loved

There was a perfect mix of action, humor, and plot. The movie never felt too drawn out (like Avengers 2), and the story line was actually interesting. I never got bored. Most of the time, I was either watching intently or laughing my head off.
I enjoyed how they tried to weave things from the comic into the movie while keeping a fresh, new feel to it. It's understandable that they wanted to distance themselves from Henry Pym's controversial character from the comics. Yet, even that they gave an important nod to. The more technical aspects of Ant-Man's abilities were well done and fun to watch. 

 I really liked that the movie is more family friendly than some other superhero films (see the parental guide below).
I was kind of fun how they tried to tie this into the Avengers universe (some fun references and a funny guest appearance), but....

What I Didn't Love
it did fall short. Most of what they did tie in didn't seem to fit, especially at the beginning of the movie. 
I'm wondering if the same special effect intern that messed up the opening scene of Avengers 2 worked on parts of this film... Overall, the special effects and cinematography were pretty good, but there were some really bad spots (believe me, you'll know them when you see them). 
They got the wrong actress to play Henry Pym's daughter. Yuck. I've liked her in other roles, but this one was not for her, especially considering her character's future in Marvel movies. 

I hated how they added in the swearing just to get a PG-13 rating (that rating is considered desirable because it's statistically higher profit). It's awkward, and brings parts of the movie down. 

Parental Guide

Amazingly clean for a PG-13 movie! 
No sexual content
Violence: Very light violence, some martial arts (with a few bloody lips and some scrapes), action style non-graphic violence—less than other Avengers movies. There are a few parts where the shrinking technology kills, but the effects look more like the subject was transformed into a small pile cartoonish pink jellyfish-like goo.  

Language: Very little, but they use the "s" word at least 4-6 times in odd places. It's very annoying. 

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