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The Difference Between Nabbi and Perler Beads

7/18/2014 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

As promised, here's is another experiment. This time, I tried combining Perler and Nabbi (Photo Pearls) beads. I tested them in two different ways:

The yellow stripe is Nabbi (Photo Pearls), the rest Perler Beads. They melt differently, overall, the Nabbi beads tend to look thicker and shiny as they melt.

When overly melted (which I do on the back of most pieces to make the bonding stronger), you can see that the Nabbi (Photo Pearls) -yellow- shine while the perler beads have more of a matte finish (except for random spots that end up looking shiny.) They also retain their circular shape and are raised in in the middle while the perler beads lose their form and flatten evenly.

Which is better? Honestly, I like both of them. Nabbi (Photo Pearls) I would use if I wanted the evenly shiny look, but otherwise, I'd use whichever is cheapest or on hand. As you can see, it doesn't seem to look much different in the big picture.