A Geekling's First Essay

1/21/2014 House of Geekiness 2 Comments

Our nine year old high-functioning autism. It can be a challenge but he is one of the most fun and interesting kids you'll ever meet, and we love our life with him! Like a most kids, he gets obsessed with his favorite things (like Calvin and Hobbes, Marvel, DC, Legos) but his obsessions get a bit more detailed and stronger than most children. Although he hasn't seen very many episodes (we're really strict about what content our kids see), he's a dedicated and self- proclaimed Doctor Who fan. Today, he very proudly brought home this essay he wrote at school. I've typed it out below for easier reading.


Doctor Who

This is about Doctor Who. First, He's from Galifray. The first doctor I saw was number 11. He stole the time and relative dimension in space or Tardis for short. The actor of the 11th doctor was named Matt Smith. Next, My dad's favorite doctor is #10. His real name is David tennant. The 12th's name is Peter Kapaly. 1-12 Doctors have sonic screwdrivers. Ther sonic screwdrivers work on everything except wood. Daleks extermanate when they want to. The Tardis travels through time. One time, The master turned almost everyone in the whole world to become him. Last, he's more than 1,000 years old. When it's time to, the 11th doctor regenerates into the 12th doctor. The TARDIS is bigger on the inside than on the outside. The 11th doctor thinks bow ties are cool.


Day 23 Winner!

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Congrats to Brittany H., winner of a

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Marvel vs. DC Winner!

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The votes are in!


 DC wins!!

Congrats to our winner, Jackie F.,

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