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7/12/2016 House of Geekiness 2 Comments

Den in 2008 vs July 2016
Our dad/granpda/father-in-law, Den, was the sole caretaker for his disabled wife for years (literally, since before I met him in 2001) until she passed away last year.

Donna (left) and her mother, Myrtle (right)
Amazingly, during that time, he also cared for his 99 year old mother-in-law when she was unable to live on her own. This angel of a man endured back breaking labor and fatigue for years, always giving a brief shrug to our concerns. He insisted that Erik and Ryan (his two sons) continued their education and lives in Utah as planned.

When Donna, passed away, Den fell into a deep depressive state. Us living in Utah while he lives in California, we could only guess that things were not going very well. We had no idea. Over the phone, he'd mentioned that he had some health problems and was lonely but... We had a strong feeling that we needed to see him to really know what was going on, especially since he's not one to complain.

Den last month (before he lost another 10 or so lbs) and his newest grandbaby
This last week, we finally were able to come visit. What we saw left us in shock! Just a shell of the tall, Haiwiian shirt-wearing man we know and love, he'd lost more than 20 lbs in the past 2 months alone (when he didn't have anything spare to lose). His strong back is hunched over, his cheeks hollow, one lung has shut down almost completely, and he's barely able to eat. On top of it all, he told me that it was all his own fault for not taking better care of himself when he was so sad his wife was gone.

It didn't take Erik and I long to decide that we need to move our family of five here to take care of him.

Our dad literally gave his good health to care for his wife until her dying day. It's time we took care of him!
Our children, 3 of 5 of Den's grandchildren
That's where you come in. We're willing and able to care for him and help him recover his health but getting there is financially impossible for our young family. Please consider donating or sharing this to help us relocate so we can give this wonderful man the care he deserves and allow him to be nearer to some of his grandchildren!

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    1. Glad to help support. =)

      1. Thank you, Patricia. Your support means so much to us!!