Family Movie Night: Captain America

1/17/2017 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

We're trying to do more family activities lately and we were really excited for this one. 

Grandpa Den smiling at a funny part of Captain America
Grandpa Den grew up with Captain America but hadn't seen the Captain America: The First Avenger movie. We've been wanting to watch it with him since we moved here in August (to "Save Our Dad", read more about that here) but some of our favorite movies haven't turned up yet since the move. Thankfully, Solano County Library had it available for us to check out, so our movie night finally happened!

Par of our Captain America movie snack spread
We had one rule for the movie snacks we could pick: it had to be either red, white, or blue (in honor of Captain America). So, being the random people we are, we ended up with Poptarts, Powerade, Gatorade, Airheads, blue Twizzlers, Redvines (wouldn't be a movie night without Redvines), and cake cookies. Since life is so crazy, we tried to have fun but keep it doable, which meant store-bought frosting, and the fastest, easiest cookies that we could do (which meant so easy the kids made them themselves).
My pathetic attempt at Captain America cookies
We were going for red, white, and blue, cookies, and for some reason this family has a massive cake mix collection in the pantry (seriously, takes up a whole cupboard!), so we did cake cookies: white cake cookies, red velvet cake cookies (which got burned), and blue velvet cake cookies.
The kids' decorated cookies: Thor's hammer, hydra symbol, Captain America's shields, and a 
We decorated with blue and red frosting. 
More of my attempts at cookie decorating: An Avengers logo, hydra symbol, Captain America shield, and random design because I couldn't think of anything else
I told my oldest to sit back so we could get his brother in the picture, so this is him trying to act natural for the picture... The oldest two kids spent most of the time we watched Captain America decorating cookies (they've seen most of the Avengers movies several times), but our youngest couldn't get his nose out of his book (it's my book, actually, but he's read it more than I have).
Grandpa, sucked into the world of the Avengers like the rest of us :)
And the verdict? Grandpa Den really enjoyed Captain America! He's already seen Iron Man, so Thor (my personal favorite) is next on our list of Avengers movies to show him.

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