Free Comic Book Day 2017

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Our very first Free Comic Book Day in California was a big hit! Every first Saturday in May, all around the world there are comic book stores giving away free comic books and having fun events for geeks like us. It's been a family tradition of ours to go for years now. We loved our comic book stores back in Provo, UT. 

For click here more information, or to see which comic book stores near you participate, click here.
Suisun City Harbor
Since we're just silly, we didn't check the time the comic book store would open, so we showed up a few hours before early. So, we spent the morning exploring the beautiful Suisun City harbor.
Doctor Who decor at Waterfront Comics
From the very first time I walked into Waterfront Comics, I knew it was gonna be great. They haven't let me down!
The owner of Waterfront Comics, John, recognized us from earlier in the morning, when we asked about opening time, and surprised us with a Pokemon vinyl poster for being the first ones there for Free Comic Book Day! Of course, the kids were suuuuper happy since they're obsessed with everything Pokemon right now. Waterfront Comics is an amazing family-run comic book store. Go like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter!
Check out all the comics we had to choose from. It was seriously hard to pick!

The comic book store had a little fair going on outside. Our kids were thrilled that they were giving away free snow cones. I'm telling you, these guys rock!
Illustrator/Inker Joe B. Weems V
The fair also included local artists. Incredible illustrator/Inker Joe B. Weems talked World of Warcraft with us.
Illustration by Joe B. Weems V
Illustration by Joe B. Weems V
You can find illustrator/Inker Joe B. Weems on DeviantArtFacebookTwitter, and Instagram
Adwoa Gier of Adwoa Design 
We met Adwoa Gier of Adwoa Design. Aren't her crochet amigurumi characters adorable?? You can find Adwoa on EtsyInstagramPinterestTwitter, and Facebook.

Andre Galatius
Andre Galatius was there showing off some super cute stickers!
Artist Patrick McEvoy
Artist Patrick McEvoy was so in demand, we didn't really get a chance to talk to him, but we did get to see these:
Art by Patrick McEvoy
Don't you LOVE the Cthulhu? Haha!
Aaron Roberts was kind enough to let us record a video of him sketching Link from Zelda for my daughter! Check it out:

Jack with the 
Jack was a hoot! Between Joker impressions and clever quips... just so much fun. Here's Jack on Tumblr and Instagram.
Lord Hater from Wander of Yonder and Powerpuff Girl drawings by Jack
Mario Bros characters by drawings by Jack
We had a bit too much fun at the Solano County Library's table!
Solano County Library's table at Free Comic Book Day
My daughter made me pose. I was thinking about justice and stuff. 
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