Doctor Who Giveaway by Aioralium

3/22/2014 House of Geekiness 13 Comments

Win a Doctor Who bracelet from Aioralium

Enter below! Your choice of 64 x 25 mm plated brass and "pewter" (zinc-based alloy) cuff bracelet w/ your pick of 1 of 4 Doctor Who inspired symbol.

I've known Aio, of Aioralium, since elementary school! She's a huge Final Fantasy and anime fan and lives the hectic life of a mother. "This is what calms me...The mom part, it's never ending...I guess making jewelry centers me when stressed. I was looking for a hobby and I saw a pair of earrings on someone and was like, 'I can make that!' It snowballed from there." 

An insanely create person, she's been known to use almost anything in her jewelry and make it look amazing!  I once saw her use carburetor parts in a choker. It sounds crazy, but she transformed it into a work of art...a piece that something you could wear anywhere! (Pictured below) I tried to steal it from her, but she saw me coming. ;) "I won't sell it, it's one of the very first pieces I made."

She says she'll use "anything that strikes my fancy but I lean toward metals and natural stone the most. I love to scavenge old jewelry and pick it apart." She is notorious for hording jewelry parts. "I just know I'll want it for something, even if I don't know what at the time."

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