Doughnuts, Costumes, and Fun

9/20/2013 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

Our Pirate Adventure 

Yesterday, we celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day, when you strive to talk like or even dress up like a pirate. Every September 19th, Krispie Kreme gives out a free doughnut to anyone who talks like a pirate, and a full dozen glazed doughnuts to anyone who dresses like a pirate! 

 My youngest is obsessed with pirates. After school, he dressed in his piratey best, and we headed over to our local Krispie Kreme for our pirate booty! He was convinced that he could lead us to the doughnuts with his compass. What else would you use a compass for?? That's a noble cause if I ever heard one, and apparently, a very serious matter!

The "Doughnut Factory" as my kids call it, was full of costume clad, doughnut craving pirates. 
We met this amazing buccaneer duo, Christine and Nathan, who make gorgeous costume like these ones! 

Our little swashbuckler shows us "The Doughnut Machine", as he calls it. 
You can see the "waterfall of frosting" glazing the doughnuts here.

Best part of pirate day!