Review: Click n' Play Blue Building Brick Baseplates

12/02/2015 House of Geekiness 1 Comments

Click n' Play Blue Building Brick Baseplates - 5"x 5" - (Pack of 8) Tight Fit-Lego Compatible

I was excited to review these generic lego type bricks because Legos are so darn expensive, and, between three kids, we never seem to have enough baseplates! My prior experience with off-brand legos has not been good, so I've been hoping for better.

Click n' Play (blue, left) vs. Lego (green, right)
The good:

  • The top interlocks perfectly with Lego bricks. If it weren't for the Lego logo, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between brands by looking at the top
  • The bottom part of the baseplate connects perfectly to other Lego pieces of the same size.

Generic lego-type brick baseplate with Lego brand bricks connected

The bad:

  • The bottom portion interlocks very loosely with Lego bricks, especially if only linking by a few of the bumps. If you're connecting a larger Lego to the bottom of this, the more bumps connected, the stronger the connection. (This doesn't seem to be a huge problem since these are baseplates and my kids won't be connecting stuff underneath, only to the top.)

Generic brand doesn't have the teeth that allow them to interlock tightly

  • After only a light testing, the plastic shows signs of stress that usually show up after my kids have severely abused their Legos.
White stress marks in plastic

I'm a bit worried about durability, but I will give these a chance and see how they stand up for a bit after the kids get their hands on them. Since they're just baseplates, I don't foresee them undergoing too much trauma, but with kids, you never know!

Final rating: 

Click n' Play Blue Building Brick Baseplates get 4/5 stars for now. If they prove not to be durable over time, I will let you know.

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