Kids' Science Palooza

3/23/2014 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

Our city is so fun, they always have something new going on! 
Provo had a Kids' Science Palooza, a great opportunity to show how fun science is! 
I miss Bill Nye, but this was great!

 First, we had to put on our Air Bender kerchiefs?
These "Air Bending Vortex Cannons" were boxes with a hole cut out of the front. When you beat on them, a stream of air shoots out and hits the target. Poor Zuko, he was so abused!

Fun with dry ice, water, and soap bubbles! In the bottom picture, you can see the escaping gas from the burst bubble that my youngest tried to catch on his shirt.

They taught/helped the kids extract DNA from strawberries! So easy and fun, no microscope required!

BYU's Monte L. Bean Museum of Life Science was there to let the kids pet creepy reptiles... They LOVED it!

I love these things!