Vote on a Name For Our Kitty!

11/25/2015 House of Geekiness 20 Comments

Help us name this kitty! Comment below to nominate a name.

We found this unclaimed stray cat outside our house, and he was so emaciated that we mistook him for a 6 month old-ish kitten. A few weeks, lots of food, TLC, and a few vet visits later, it's obvious that, while he's not full grown, he's not a kitten either (the vet estimated he's just around a year old). I'm pretty sure this cat has doubled in size since we found him.

He has a playful and mischievous personality, a HUGE bushy tail, eats like he's never seen food before, demands snuggles, has a purr as loud as diesel engine, and loves to lord over us all.

We think he may be part Maine Coon because of how insanely big he already is (not to mention the tufts on his ears, mane, and massive paws that he hasn't grown into yet). Here he is next to Dobby, our Lynx Point Siamese (yes, he's very overweight right now. He was doing better but keeps getting into the extra food we get out for the kitten!) Sorry for picture quality, the kitties didn't quite want to hold still to pose for us, even for a kitty treats.

Check out how big the kitten's paws are (right) next to our 4 year old cat's (left)!

This cat is in desperate need of a geeky name to match the rest of our pets:

Princess Daisy (dog) and Dobby (cat)
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