The Best Penny I've Ever Spent!

12/21/2015 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

The best penny I've ever spent, this was seriously cheap, fun entertainment.

Occasionally, I get to review things for free or at a discounted price. When I saw this cat tunnel by Premium Choice Products for 1 cent, I knew it was a MUST try! (Videos below)

The good:

  • Fun Y-tunnel with a peek hole in the middle that my cats LOVE
  • The middle section makes a crinkling sound that my cats can't resist
  • Even my rabbit likes it (he plays in it and chases the cats)
The bad:

  • My cats literally played with this twice (in one day) before the first wire came out....
  •  ....and one of the tunnels wouldn't straighten out any more (bent frame). 
  • After that, more metal wires kept poking out and the fabric started fraying and tearing.
  • The fabric is SUPER cheap and thin, which allows the wires to poke through (which is very DANGEROUS for cats, especially with rough play)
  • It didn't come with any instructions, so I couldn't figure out how the heck to fold and tie the thing like it came. 
  • The third time I collapsed it and tied it to put away, one of the ties broke off
The verdict: 
While my cats did play pretty roughly with this, I still don't think it's worth $20. It's built like a Dollar Store toy. I'm wondering if I can do a duct tape repair... If only this was made out of more durable materials, it would be perfect!

(The Christmas tree lights did weird things to the video quality, sorry!)

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