Giveaway Marathon Day 14

12/02/2013 House of Geekiness 1 Comments

Win this

Hand-cut Firefly Sticker Set

from Beckadoodles!

Beck Seashols aka “Beckadoodles” is a cartoonist, illustrator, author and crafter living in Roanoke, VA. She is the illustrator on the web comic “Sweeten Village” and her own kid’s book “Wiener Dog Adventures.” Beck has worked on many sketchcard projects including Lucasfilm, DC Comics and Mars Attacks. Her adorkable style is all over t-shirts, greeting cards, book marks and stickers. Beck is represented at the comic and illustration gallery “ZaPow” in Asheville, NC. She enjoys attending cons all over the east coast where she sells lots of adorable art, prints and crafts. She usually has a giant box of markers and glitter pens so she can create cute commissions for fans. She can normally be found in her home studio drawing and coloring. Or on the couch with a ball of yarn and some kittens watching Star Trek (the cats love Spock.)  
She is all over the internet, on Etsy, her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Giveaway Day 1 Winner!

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Winner of a

Gallifreyan Artful Translation from

Odds and Ends Crafts!


We have our first giveaway marathon winner! You guys aren't gonna believe this, I know our winner won't...Congrats again to Sharilynn M., you've won our  Day 1 prize, a Gallifreyan Artful Translation from Odds and Ends Craft! For those who don't remember, Sharilynn also won one of our previous giveaways, a Star Wars art print! At the time, she told me she was shocked because she "never wins anything!" How the tables have turned ;)

All winners will have 48 hours to confirm their info by email or another winner will be selected.

Sharilynn with her Star Trek art print.