Star Trek's 50th Birthday Celebration!

9/08/2016 House of Geekiness 1 Comments

You may have noticed from past posts, that here in the House, we LOVE our Star Trek, so of course we've gotta celebrate Star Trek's 50th birthday!
We started our party with endless Trek memes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

As a kid, there is so much I learned from these shows. While most of the time it was just fun, there are some things (see above) that helped shape my beliefs.
With rich and characters like Data, Captain Picard, Worf, Geordi, Barclay, Q, Odo, Quark, The Doctor, etc. and amazing and strong female characters like Deanna, Guinan, Dax, Captain Janeway, and Dr. Crusher, Star Trek shows us how fiction, especially sci-fi can help teach important things like empathy, compassion, ethics, and even politics.

Now, let's have some more fun by sharing some of our favorite Star Trek creations, memes, and stuff!
DIY Star Trek Cookie Tutorial by Sweet Sugarbelle
First up are these super fun and easy DIY Star Trek cookies! Star with sugar cookie dough and a star-shaped cookie cutter. Just cut as shown above.
Star Trek Cookies by Sweet Sugarbelle

If you want to get fancy, check out this great Star Trek cookie decorating tutorial by Sweet Sugarbelle.

However, I will probably be too busy watching Star Trek to go to that much trouble, myself. ;) I have a binge-watching's really less "rewatch all the episodes" and more "rewatch each series" in my case. Speaking of which:
I grew up watching TNG (as you probably guessed by my list of characters above ;) with my family but also love DS9. So many lovely memories of us gathered together in the living room... Especially the first time we saw "Cause and Effect" (where they get caught in a time-loop and the ship keeps blowing up). We thought there was a problem with the tv because it kept repeating the same part!

Check out this Tri-Dimensional Chess Set! I need this on my living room table.

I so wish we'd had this Enterprise rocker for our kids when they were really little!

Amazon has Star Trek The Complete Original Series on blu-ray on sale, just for us ;)

And check out this fan-made Star Trek cat tree!
And to finish our celebration: 
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