Book Review: The Princess Sisters

5/02/2014 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

I really enjoyed the concept of this book! Five cousins who are as close as sisters, all named after fairytale princesses, and all struggle with ironic issues related to their namesakes. Belle has dyslexia and hates to read, Ariel is afraid of water, Aurora has insomnia, Snow White hates apples, and Cinderella refuses to wear anything but tight-laced boots that can't slip off her feet!

The story was cute, although a little dramatic, and deals with issues commonly faced by teens (bullying, crushes, friendship, betrayal, self-esteem, popularity, etc.) I especially loved how they ended up dealing with their biggest problem!

Parental Advisory: While no profanity is used, at times, the language is not appropriate for young readers. I started out listening to this audiobook with my (almost) 8 year old daughter but had to finish it without her.

Stacy Lynn Carroll has always loved telling stories. She started out at Utah State University where she pursued a degree in English, learned how to western swing, and watched as many of her fellow students became 'True Aggies'. She then finished her BA at the University of Utah where she got an emphasis in creative writing. After college she worked as an administrative assistant, where she continued to write stories for the amusement of her co-workers. When her first daughter was born, and with the encouragement of a fortune cookie, she quit her job and became a full-time mommy and writer. She and her husband have three children, two Corgis, and a fish named Don.