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Geeky Cake Toppers

9/02/2015 House of Geekiness 1 Comments

Minecraft Creeper, sword, pickaxe cake topper or cupcake toppers
I've had a lot of requests for Perler bead cake toppers lately, especially for weddings or birthdays. Here are a few of of my favorites. :)

True Romance inspired Clarence and Alabama wedding cake toppers

Deadpool bride and Omega Red

Firefly inspired Simon and Kaylee

Bride and groom
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    1 comment:

    1. Hi Ms. Ms. Watkins,

      Where could I buy this Perler beads? Currently I am using glittered one. I would like to try other materials for my future projects. Would you mind give me your opinion if this perler beads would be good for my designs. Here are some of my cake topper designs Hope you could me some advice.

      Thank you!