Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A superhero love story? Sign me up!

Hey, howdy, hey! Nicole Zoltack here and I'm so happy to share with you the cover for WHITE HELLEBORE. The second book in the Heroes of Falledge trilogy kicks off with an amazing cover.
All right, all right, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. I know you're dying to see it!



Told you it was awesome! I'm not biased at all. Nope. Not even a little bit.

After destroying Skull Krusher, Nicholas Adams thinks Falledge is safe and becomes a security guard at the museum, watching a valuable statue. Unfortunately, the Egyptian statue houses the soul of a scorned witch, biding her time to have her revenge on the descendants of her cheating lover.
Kiya the witch isn't the only new foe in town as the drug that created Skull Krusher has now transformed a scientist into yet another monster, forcing Nicholas to don his Black Hellebore mask again and save Falledge.

Nicholas has no help this time as Kiya gains possession of his love Julianna's body and brings the soul of Justina, Nicholas's high school sweetheart and Julianna's twin, with her. Despite himself, Nicholas is torn between the sisters. If he can't stop the fiends from taking over the world and destroying humankind, he'd never be able to find lasting, true love.

So I'm sure you're dying to know the release date and luckily it's not that far away! WHITE HELLEBORE releases April 21st! Be sure to grab it on the 21st! :D

Add it on Goodreads!

About the Author


Nicole Zoltack loves to write in many genres, especially romance,whether fantasy, paranormal, or regency. When she’s not writing about knights, superheroes, or zombies, she loves to spend time with her loving husband and three energetic young boys. She enjoys riding horses (pretending they’re unicorns, of course!) and going to the PA Renaissance Faire, dressed in garb. She’ll also read anything she can get her hands on. Her current favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. To learn more about Nicole and her writing, visit http://NicoleZoltack.blogspot.com.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Afternoon Out

We took Daisy and Mozzie out for the afternoon. They had so much fun and Mozzie even got to munch on some spring dandelion greens!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kids' Science Palooza

Our city is so fun, they always have something new going on! 
Provo had a Kids' Science Palooza, a great opportunity to show how fun science is! 
I miss Bill Nye, but this was great!

 First, we had to put on our Air Bender tattoos...er kerchiefs?
These "Air Bending Vortex Cannons" were boxes with a hole cut out of the front. When you beat on them, a stream of air shoots out and hits the target. Poor Zuko, he was so abused!

Fun with dry ice, water, and soap bubbles! In the bottom picture, you can see the escaping gas from the burst bubble that my youngest tried to catch on his shirt.

They taught/helped the kids extract DNA from strawberries! So easy and fun, no microscope required!

BYU's Monte L. Bean Museum of Life Science was there to let the kids pet creepy reptiles... They LOVED it!

I love these things!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Doctor Who Giveaway by Aioralium

Win a Doctor Who bracelet from Aioralium

Enter below! Your choice of 64 x 25 mm plated brass and "pewter" (zinc-based alloy) cuff bracelet w/ your pick of 1 of 4 Doctor Who inspired symbol.

I've known Aio, of Aioralium, since elementary school! She's a huge Final Fantasy and anime fan and lives the hectic life of a mother. "This is what calms me...The mom part, it's never ending...I guess making jewelry centers me when stressed. I was looking for a hobby and I saw a pair of earrings on someone and was like, 'I can make that!' It snowballed from there." 

An insanely create person, she's been known to use almost anything in her jewelry and make it look amazing!  I once saw her use carburetor parts in a choker. It sounds crazy, but she transformed it into a work of art...a piece that something you could wear anywhere! (Pictured below) I tried to steal it from her, but she saw me coming. ;) "I won't sell it, it's one of the very first pieces I made."

She says she'll use "anything that strikes my fancy but I lean toward metals and natural stone the most. I love to scavenge old jewelry and pick it apart." She is notorious for hording jewelry parts. "I just know I'll want it for something, even if I don't know what at the time."

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Perler Bead Video Tutorial


1. Read through instructions completely before fusing your beads!

2. Have materials all materials ready. This is a delicate process, once you start ironing the beads you won’t have much time to gather anything you may need, so have it handy!
You will need: your patterns, beads, pegboard, parchment papers, an iron, a safe ironing surface, parchment paper, and one or more heavy, smooth-covered books (like hardcover Harry Potter #4-7 or any of the Wheel of Time books)

3. Assemble bead design on pegboard according to printed pattern, one bead equals colored square.

4. Heat iron to low or “linen” setting.

5. Place unwrinkled/creased ironing or parchment paper over your completed design.

6. Once iron is fully heated, move it slowly over the parchment paper using very little pressure, until you see each bead clearly through the paper. Do not to over-melt the beads!  (Be sure you can see each bead clearly on the parchment paper. Once you can see them all, they should be melted enough. Be sure each part of your design has gotten enough heat, especially the beads in the middle and edges!)

7. Lift parchment paper slowly from the pegboard. If melted enough, the beads will stick to the paper and lift easily.

8. Place parchment paper (bead-side up) on a completely flat surface that is safe to iron on.

9. Place second piece of parchment paper over the unfused side of your bead design and repeat steps 5 and 6.

10. After both sides have been melted/fused, place your parchment paper-bead sandwich on a completely flat surface, under a heavy book while the beads are still warm. This step is very important! If the beads are left to cool without being under a flat, heavy surface, they will curl and warp.

11. Let cool completely before removing book(s) and using your finishing kit!

12. Look over your bead sprite once it has cooled. Check to see that each bead as fused together, if not, apply steps 5, 6, and 10, to the unfinished beads areas. Once again, be sure not to over-melt the beads, only heat them until the bead’s outline shows clearly through the parchment paper.

13. Follow finishing kit instructions.

Finishing Kit Instructions


1. Select appropriate spot to attach nylon string. You'll want to select a spot about two or more beads from the top for the best durability. This should also be the hole nearest the bead sprite's center, but in some cases it may be slightly off-center if one side is larger than the other.

2. Thread string through hole.

3. Test center of balance by holding the string in each hand and letting the bead sprite hang naturally. If the bead sprite is not hanging straight, adjust to a different hole to compensate.

4. Knot the ends of the string together.

Wall Decor

1. Work putty between fingers until it softens to a chewing gum-like consistency.

2. Roll into a ball and place on back of wall décor.

3.Place décor on wall or other desired surface.

4. Press firmly onto the wall, placing enough pressure on putty to slightly flatten it, but not completely.


Materials needed: Magnets, superglue, brush or stick to spread the glue (toothpick, clean popsicle stick, wooded skewer, or disposable paint brush) bead sprites

1. Be sure bead sprite is fully fused before applying finishing kit.

2. Choose which side of your bead sprite will be the front or back.

3. Choose where you’re going to glue the magnets. If you place a magnet too far away from the top of the bead sprite, it may be too top heavy and not stay upright when sticking to metal surface. I like to place all the magnets near each other in a line, near the top.

4. Use brush or stick to cover magnet with a thin layer of glue.

5. Let glue dry for about one minute.

6. Apply second coat of glue. (Using two coats helps the adhesion)

7. Hold bead sprite face-up and press magnet onto desired area on the bead sprite back for a few seconds.
DO NOT lay the bead sprite face down to glue the magnet onto it, the glue can seep through the holes and leave an ugly residue on the front of your bead sprite!

8. Let glue dry completely before adding additional magnets to that bead sprite or the magnets will not stay in place!

9. Repeat steps as appropriate for each bead sprite. I like to use 2 magnets per small bead sprite to make them powerful enough to be useful.

10. Let dry overnight.

Unless you make a mistake and need to re-glue the magnets,
Never bend bead sprites or the magnets may come off!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My facebook page has reached 1337 likes, so we're giving away a Tardis magnet sign fromBad Wolf Cosplay! As some of you my have seen, I bought one of these for myself for Christmas and I LOVE it! Go here to enter.

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Took my family to a party to watch Olympic opening ceremonies last night at the Provo Convention Center, sponsored by Xfinity/Comcast. I loved getting to see ballet and listen to Daft Punk on 12 ft screen w/ theater surround sound. My kids were jumping up and down when they saw the commercial with Spock and Chekov, then totally freaked out when "Tron music" started playing. They also got to make their own gold metals, do face painting, eat junk food, and meet two Olympic champion speed skaters and wear some real Olympic metals! 

Yip Yips

My work space as I worked on an order for some Sesame Street Yip Yip Aliens. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Birthday List

You know how some guys just have the worst time shopping for women? Not my youngest, he made my birthday list for me: 

Lego Darth Malgus Interceptor
Lego Speeder

It is suspiciously similar to his own wish list...hmm. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sticky Hand

Just like with kids, no matter how much you spend on cat toys, the best ones are always ones they invent themselves... Here's Dobby and one of his favorite pasttimes.

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Book, Arabesque

I'm writing a book! Ok, I should say, I've been writing a book for a few years now, but I get distracted by other projects and my book gets put on the back burner... This will get finished! Here's what it's all about!

Arabesque is a young adult fantasy. Picture Pride and Prejudice meets Ever After...with ninjas! 

Lady Tatania, sister to the talented and beautiful crown princess, daughter of the king, lives shadowed in the misery of what she will never have. 

Princess Anna has it all, but a dark secret binds her. 

Despite sorrow and crisis, these royal sisters have stood fast, but a hidden danger threatens to drive them apart and destroy their kingdom

Visit my Pinterest board to see images that will transport you into the heart and soul of this book. 

Excerpts from Arabesque by Laura Lynn Watkins: 

 I never imagined that I could hate my sister.  I mean, who hates their twin? Maybe I don’t really hate her, but I’ve never wanted to hate someone so much in my life!
            The princess always gets the happy ending, right?  What about the rest of us?  What exactly are we supposed to do? I want what she was born to have, what I can never have. I don’t care about fame and fortune, castles and royalty. . .  I want him.
            I hate everything about her— the perfect princess. Dainty, blonde, graceful. . . humble, smart, perfectly behaved…  Quiet, sensible, and impossible to dislike because she loves everyone!  What’s wrong with her anyway, you can’t love everyone! And how the heck can you be that gorgeous and not know it?  If I was literally the most beautiful princess on Earth, believe me, I would definitely know it!
            The betrayal is really something I should have seen coming. I’ve known that she’s kept secrets from me since we were kids.  But you’d think between all her princessly duties she could have found a minute or two to say something like, “Hey, you know we’re best friends and all. . . Just so you don’t get hurt, I should probably tell ya that they’re forcing this guy to marry me and I’m gonna go along with it so don’t go falling in love with him, okay?”
            Since they told me of the betrothal, this poison has started to spread. It’s slowly infected every good thought and feeling.  I’ll have to leave soon. I still love them both enough to let them try to be happy without me... But just barely. 

“Run!” he yelled at me. “Get away from here!”
I would not leave him. He was barely holding them off. They were so amused taunting Henry that they did not notice me until I cracked one of them soundly across the back of the head.
“Idiots, she’s armed!” yelled the leader. “You three, take care of her. This one is mine.”
They would not let me close to Henry. My mind reeled. I was alone. I had never fought in a true battle, now, I battled for two lives.
From the corner of my eye, I saw their leader toy with Henry, injuring his leg. He shouldn’t have been able to stand. The man growled and jeered at him, making crude remarks, and trying to inflict as much pain as he could before killing him.
I stood nearly frozen as they surrounded me.“Don’t worry about your man there, milady,” one said with a mock bow, his knife glinting with Henry’s blood. “We’ll take care of him real good. Maybe feed him to the pigs. Then you and I…”
He did not have the opportunity to finish his sentence before my staff was buried in his gut. He sunk to his knees. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Geekling's First Essay

Our nine year old high-functioning autism. It can be a challenge but he is one of the most fun and interesting kids you'll ever meet, and we love our life with him! Like a most kids, he gets obsessed with his favorite things (like Calvin and Hobbes, Marvel, DC, Legos) but his obsessions get a bit more detailed and stronger than most children. Although he hasn't seen very many episodes (we're really strict about what content our kids see), he's a dedicated and self- proclaimed Doctor Who fan. Today, he very proudly brought home this essay he wrote at school. I've typed it out below for easier reading.


Doctor Who

This is about Doctor Who. First, He's from Galifray. The first doctor I saw was number 11. He stole the time and relative dimension in space or Tardis for short. The actor of the 11th doctor was named Matt Smith. Next, My dad's favorite doctor is #10. His real name is David tennant. The 12th's name is Peter Kapaly. 1-12 Doctors have sonic screwdrivers. Ther sonic screwdrivers work on everything except wood. Daleks extermanate when they want to. The Tardis travels through time. One time, The master turned almost everyone in the whole world to become him. Last, he's more than 1,000 years old. When it's time to, the 11th doctor regenerates into the 12th doctor. The TARDIS is bigger on the inside than on the outside. The 11th doctor thinks bow ties are cool.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Marvel vs. DC Winner!

The votes are in!


 DC wins!!

Congrats to our winner, Jackie F.,

winner of a Batman shirt from wocomo Design!


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Concerning Grindylows

My youngest tells us all he knows about the grindylows in Harry Potter. 

One Happy Kitty!

I know I'll get all sorts of crud for this, but I had my cat's Christmas shopping done first this year. It isn't that I'm some crazy cat lady who spoils her pets like crazy...well...ok, I'll give you that one! But money was especially tight this year and I didn't plan on buying the animals anything. Then I saw these in Lauren's shop and knew I had to give them a try! They seemed to be exactly what I was looking for and they were really inexpensive, especially for being hand-made!!

(Video below)

So, I bought a set of cat toys from Craft Coalition for Dobby's stocking, and he is LOVING them! I've had a terrible time finding good toys for him because my dog, Daisy, tends to eat them... Dobby loves the balls you find with the jingle bells in them, but Daisy chews them up, same with cute little plush toys! These little "Cat or Ferret Toy Jiggaly Balls" turned out to be perfect because they're a combination of the two, and my dumb dog (I love her, but SERIOUSLY?!!!) actually leaves them alone! They're different enough from her own toys that when I tell her to "leave it," she actually does.

Dobby was intrigued with these at first, but lost interest after a few days, resorting to his usual destructive--climb up on the table/counter top and bat at whatever he can knock to the ground--behavior. I gave the toys a quick dip in the catnip bag, and now he seems to get the idea.

I love that these have a rattling sound when they move (like a small ball bearing rolling around inside), and that my cat can grab hold of them with his claws and bite at them! Not to mention that the craftsmanship on these things is beautiful! Absolutely perfect!

Sorry for the terrible lighting in the video, I'll see if I can fix it.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 21 Winners!


Congrats to Stephen A., winner of a win a bookmark of his choice,

and Vinnie-Ta, winner of a custom keko brooch from KekosdeMJ!


Enter our other giveaways:







Day 22: Captain America or Batman Shirt



Day 23: "To Boldly Go" Headband/Earwarmer

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 20 winner!

Congrats to Ben M., winner of a

Vintage California Raisin Posable Figure

from DreamLandEtsy!


Enter our other giveaways:



Day 21: 2 Giveaways: Bookmark , Custom Keko Brooch







Day 22: Captain America or Batman Shirt



Day 23: "To Boldly Go" Headband/Earwarmer

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