Memorial Day

5/26/2014 Laura Watkins 0 Comments

Today, I remember the service of those who sacrificed their lives in the service of our country. Thankfully, my father and grandfathers returned home safely after their service. There are many who did not.

Each year, my husband and I try to take our children to the cemetery. We search for the grave markers of those who served, explain what they did, why our freedom is never free, and the kids place a flag at the grave. My children have come to see the cemetery as a reverent, peaceful place, where we remember and honor our ancestors.

My grandfathers both served in World War II, one in the army infantry, the other as a B-17 bomber. He flew over a dozen missions over Germany, and was part of the Berlin Airlift. I see part of my mischievous side in him, he was nearly court-martialed for “mis-delivering” several crates of whiskey belonging to General McNarney.

My dad served in the army, in Saigon, Vietnam. Once a year, he stands in our church and tells everyone about his experience, especially how grateful he is to live in our country and how blessed we are to have so much freedom. Living several hundred miles away from my parents, I rarely get to be there to hear this anymore, I wish I could!

We are all so incredibly blessed to have so many men and women sacrifice so much to preserve our freedom. Please remember to honor them today and all year round.

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