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YogiYo Accessories: Bringing Seoul to Geek-kind

9/21/2013 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

Lindsey, of YogiYo Accessories, brings us jewelry with her own brand of flair. Her creative pieces of dramatic, fun, and bold jewelry are inspired by the world around her. "Where most people see key chains, bookmarks, or phone charms etc, I see earrings, sometimes huge ones...I've always been a fan of jewelry especially funky out of this world earrings that I saw everywhere on the streets of New York." 

Originally from the Eastern United States, Lindsey's adventurous spirit cannot be bound. She's lived in Australia, and Seoul, South Korea became a "second home" to her when she moved there to teach English. Many of her beautiful pieces show distinct influence from her many travels. Her adventures have lead her to amazing and unique finds that she includes in her work. "My favorite place to get supplies for my pieces is the Fabric Market in Dongdaemun. It's six floors and takes up a whole city block. It's like Michaels or AC Moore on crack. It's awesome."

But YogiYo Accessories may have never come to be, if not for the encouragement of her friends. "My friends happened to like what I was making and suggested I sell my creations. So I did, initially at flea market I hosted in the bar that was downstairs from my apartment. Thus began my career as a jewelry maker." And we're so glad you did! 

Dragon Earrings
 "I actually found the charms on Etsy which is also a great place to get supplies! I paired the earrings with some beads I found at the market to give them a more Asian feel. Thus fair they have been one of my most popular items."

Encircled in Green Flowers 
"The polymer charms I got from the Fabric Market in Seoul. The man who sells them was just using them as phone charms and sometimes necklaces...  I love how the earrings turned out with the two circles dangling in opposing directions."

The Prancing Horses
"My boyfriend loves beer and while we were living in Australia, he liked to sample various kinds. Looking at some of the bottle tops, I thought that they would make perfect earrings! After that, I actually starting choosing beers for him based on the bottle tops. At times he wasn't to pleased with the results but I was."

Pacman Earrings
"I was in the States over the summer and most of the time I spent babysitting my 7 year old niece. To keep her occupied I bought her some perler beads... I thought these would make some awesome earrings." 

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