House of Geekiness' Giveaway Marathon Day 2

11/18/2013 House of Geekiness 15 Comments

  Win this adorable Lord of the Rings inspired bib

What about second breakfast?! This 100% cotton baby bib has been machine embroidered in a twig-brown Tolkien inspired font with delicate elven accent leaves. Bib is white, trimmed with light green. Velcro closure for easy on/off. Machine wash/dry, of course!

About Lora, of Off the Hook by LoraI'm a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful girls and one lazy rescue mutt. Thanks to the influence of my geeky husband, I shamelessly enjoy made-for-SyFy movies, Doctor Who, and anything produced by J.J. Abrams. My favorite movies are Ghostbusters II and Hot Fuzz, but these days, I'm happy to watch anything that isn't Dora the Explorer.

When I'm not chauffeuring my daughters to playdates, I love to crochet and sew hip modern stuff. I sell doll clothes, awesome embroidered stuff, and accessories at craft shows in my native Northern Virginia. I support dog rescue, local roller derby, and I'm pretty sure I single-handedly keep Coca-Cola and York Peppermint Patties in business.

There are several ways to enter, some of which you can do every day to earn extra entries until the giveaway ends! Enter here : a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Don't forget, Day 1's giveaway, this gorgeous customizable Gallifreyan art is still open for entries:

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  1. This is so cute! My baby nephew would look perfect in it, and the joke would not be missed as both parents like LotR.

    Thanks, Lora, for this opportunity to win one of these adorable bibs!

  2. Ooo, favorite items!!

    In OfftheHookbyLora, my fave has to be the Mischief Managed bib, though second breakfast is a close second, and the BaCoN and NeDrY towels are too cute!! The messenger bags are fab too, I like three of those! Haha. So many good choices!!

    In HouseOfGeekiness, the Firefly ornaments are my fave! Also on the list are the Cars, the Rose, 10 and Jack set and the Disney princesses!

  3. This is too cute! I love their Doctor Who magnet set, as well!

  4. This is just way too cute and makes me sad I don't have any kids (yet)!

    Love all of the Batman/Doctor Who stuff from House of Geekiness! <3

    And from Lora's shop I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nerdy periodic table handtowel (in blue) <3

  5. Love the Doctor Who stuff from House of Geekiness (all of it!)

    Love the TARDIS towel and this bib from Lora.

  6. in house of geekiness, I really like this set-

    from Off the Hook, I like the Tardis messenger bag

  7. This whole shop is incredible! The embroidery work is fantastic, and I'm really jealous she's so talented!

  8. This probably IS my favorite item! Either this or a Dumbledore's Army bag... Can't decide!

  9. I know a very chubby baby who needs this :P

    OfftheHook: future cavalier bib!!!!!

    Laura's shop: batman or one of the firefly crew, hard to decide

  10. Comment comment comment! I really want this so bad for my baby son! He needs bibs!

  11. I hadn't seen the deathly hallows bib one before! I love it!! But I still think this is my favorite bib!

  12. Honestly I love all of your beadwork! I can't wait to get started on some of my own things over Christmas Break!

    1. Pokemon, League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy, Avatar The Last Airbender, Star Wars, Super Mario and possible Lord of the Rings. So pretty much a bit of everything haha. Frames, magnets, ornaments, scenery and big wall art are my biggest plans, but we'll see.

    2. So fun! I want to see pictures of all these!!