Giveaway Marathon Day 4: Win a Geeky Art Print of Your Choice from the Greater Geek Etsy Shop!

11/24/2014 House of Geekiness 5 Comments

Win any one Geeky Art Print of Your Choice (11"x17"/28x43 cm, $19 value)

Greater Geek features gorgeous art prints of geeky film & TV quotes. 
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Win up to $18 of nerdery 
from The Nerd Niche!

Win Minecraft Wall Decor 
from ToLTot!

A Firefly Inspired Jayne Hat
From Tiff Sits and Knits!

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  1. Just a quick question, why is there always a "Go to this link and tell us your fave" entry and then a "Go to this link and leave a comment" where the link is the same? We have to post twice at the same place?

  2. Love the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Inspired Minimalist Movie Poster Print!