Giveaway Marathon Days 19, 20, and 21 Winners!

12/20/2014 House of Geekiness 0 Comments

Congrats to Angelina G Starks, winner of  an Avatar Last Airbender Water Tribe Hat from StitchedbyXtaL!

I can make a hat is any color and size that you desire. So come on in and see what is waiting for you! =)   -Christal   Become a fan on Facebook!

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Congrats to Maureen Kearl-Spickelmier, winner of an 8x10 Print from Reddropdrop!

Alicia, of Reddropdrop, is a teacher and artist who loves Harry Potter, Freaks and Geeks, and The IT Crowd. You can find Alicia and her shop on facebook, etsy, twitter, and redditgifts.

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Congrats to Erin Hicks Thomsic, winner of a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Hat from Knitted Nerdiness!

Welcome to Knitted Nerdiness, the premiere source of geeky and dorky knit! Celebrate your love for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Princess Bride, and more while keeping warm. Let your geek flag fly! - Rachel  Don't forget to "like" Knitted Nerdiness on Facebook!

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Be sure to enter our other geeky giveaways and follow me on Facebook for more prizes!
A Handmade Legend of Zelda Link Hoodie
from SixOn Clothing!

A Gallifreyan Doctor Who Vinyl Decal
from NerdCubed!

Win an Adorable Handmade Sherlock Doll
from Words To Sew By!

Win any 8x10 custom print
from Zomboids!

Win a $60 Doctor Who Print Set
from Tom Ryan's Studio!

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