Giveaway Marathon Day 10: Win a Geeky Custom Ornament from Wired Life Shop!

12/01/2014 House of Geekiness 1 Comments

Win a geeky custom ornament from Wired Life Shop!

Wired Life Shop features unique, handmade video game/geeky ornaments and some other gifts for your nerdy needs - perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays! 

For this contest, you will receive one CUSTOM ornament that features an icon, image, or favorite quote design from your favorite game or show. Most of my designs are one or two colors and vector based (flat design), but we can discuss details via Etsy upon winning! Ornaments are plastic and shatterproof and make the perfect geeky staple for your Christmas tree!

ALL PROCEEDS from my shop are gratefully used to pay down my $100,000 of student loan debt, so I appreciate anyone who visits, purchases, or makes their friends/family aware of it’s existence! Thank you! - Kelsey

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  1. The serenity in a bottle is amazing looking