my battle for better health

My Battle for Better Health: Life in the Haze of Depression

7/20/2015 House of Geekiness 2 Comments

Living with depression and other health problems tends to make me feel weighted down and like I'm living my life in bit of a haze. Sometimes, things don't seem quite real, sometimes life is just overwhelming.

There are days that I do well, considering everything that's going on, but it seems like most of my life lately has been in this haze of depression. It just doesn't seem like I can do anything most days. Living everyday life is a constant struggle. I can't get enough sleep, never seem to have enough time for myself, and can't get enough done. My family is sinking further in dept, our house not getting clean enough, my kids not getting enough attention.

Reading scriptures the other night, I came across this verse that described exactly how I felt:

O that ye would awake; awake from a deep sleep, yea, even from the sleep of hell, and shake off the awful chains by which ye are bound, which are the chains which bind the children of men, that they are carried away captive down to the eternal gulf of misery and woe. - 2 Nephi 1:13

That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I want to wake up, shake off these awful chains, and escape this gulf of misery and woe. That's exactly why I'm trying to live better, why I've written down these goals. I WILL get my life back.

My goals

I want to have energy to spend time and actually do activities with my family.
I want to be able to be physically active. I’m not saying I plan on running marathons, but being able to exercise and do basic housecleaning on a daily basis would be nice.
I want my mind to feel less foggy all the time so I can do my job well and enjoy being in the profession I love.
I want to be healthy and be at a healthy weight.
I want my life back!
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    1. Love you so much Laura! Keep fighting towards those goals and I know you'll get there.

      1. Thank you! I really appreciate all the love and support!!!!