Mario Bros Inspired Perler Beadsprites

9/23/2016 Laura Watkins 3 Comments

Mario Bros inspired Star

All the moving, organizing, and unpacking, I haven't gotten much chance to do anything with Perler Beads lately. So, it was lots of fun to bust them out and create some beadsprites. I didn't have much time, so I did some basic fun designs based off the Mario Bros. 
Mario Bros inspired Goomba
Mario Bros inspired Bob-omb
Mario Bros inspired Cloud Block
Don't worry, there are more Mario Bros beadsprites to come!
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    1. I signed up for email updates and never got a coloring book.

    2. Sorry about that! Email me at and I'll be sure you get it.

    3. How do you or other people make your own designs? Ie the Mario designs here?

      Or like when people make those Nintendo repair designs??