Perler Bead Gift Tutorial: Doctor Who Newbies and Disney Fans

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Aimee's picture of her Perler mini bead ornaments
A few weeks ago, I saw that two of my friends from church were watching Doctor Who for the first time but were having trouble getting into Series 1. Those of us who are fans were encouraging them on Facebook to keep watching and suggesting episode orders, etc. I'm sure you've all seen that same conversation a million times. Well, they stuck with it, even through the more ridiculous episodes, and got to the good stuff. They are now official Doctor Who fans.

As a badge of honor, and since it was Christmastime, I made them each some of my Doctor Who Perler Mini beadsprite ornaments: The Ninth Doctor (since he will always be their first Doctor), Rose Tyler, and a Tardis. 

My delivery of these didn't quite go as planned. I was late to deliver Aimee's ornaments (yes, I know how shocked you are at my lack of punctuality) and she was Live on Facebook. So, my ornaments made a short appearance in her video! 

You might have noticed that she was a bit thrown by the unexpected surprise and combined my name and my husband's name (Laura and Erik), and called me "Erika". Hahaha!
My other Perler bead gift was to a friend who is a HUGE Disney fan that loves Hawaii. Naturally, I decided she needed a Hawaiian Disney themed Perler bead gift (in this case, wall art).

Here's how I made it:
Image source
I started by finding something similar to what I wanted. I did a quick Google search of "Mickey Mouse Hawaiian Perler Bead" and it came up with this pattern. Not quite what I wanted, but close enough to for me to adapt into my own vision. I knew decided to put Mickey Mouse of the surf board, but to add my own rainbow and flowers.
Image Source
Image Source
I started with a basic idea of what Mickey Mouse looks like, then what he might look like in Perler beads.
It was a bit tricky because I had to keep Mickey Mouse small enough to keep the pattern I'd already decided on, but large enough to show some detail. (You'll notice in the original pattern, the guy's head/hair is only 3 beads.)
Then, I altered it to fit my Hawaiian surfing scene, replacing the surfer dude with my Mickey Mouse, which was a bit larger than the original pattern, but I thought I could make it work.
Image Source
Next, was the hibiscus flower, a renown icon for Hawaii. I loved these ones from Madam Fandom, but they were much too big for my little pattern.
As you can see, I added two flowers instead of just one, and moved the rainbow to the left corner and behind the text. I also re-centered and adjusted the word "Hawaii" to fit in front of the rainbow and behind Mickey Mouse, made a few more small adjustments, then, I added a row of dark blue and two rows of dark grey for a perler bead frame for our wall art.

I hope she likes it!

How to get started with Perler Beads, ideas, tips, tutorials, videos, and more here!

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