Arabesque: Chapter 14

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I will be sharing parts of my writing every week (alternating between Arabesque and Persephone) as I write them (with the exception of some parts of Arabesque, which were written previously), so please be patient with any errors you may find, as these are a first drafts.

About the book

Tatania is tired of living in her sister's shadow but doesn't know about Princess Anna's dark secret. Bound by a sacred oath, Anna's struggles to live a double life that can never be her own. 

Described as "Sense and Sensibility meets Ever After with ninjas," Arabesque is full of action, romance, intrigue, and betrayal.

Since I've always been super paranoid, Arabesque was officially copyrighted in 2009. Duplication or use of this work in any other form is prohibited by law.

Chapter 14

Aunt Eloise and I must have argued for hours. I really didn't want to go to the ball, but she insisted that it was my duty.

"It's really just Anna's duty," I muttered as Nora buttoned my dress. "No one will notice I'm there until I break something."

"Hush now, my lady, of course they'll notice you! A daughter of the king, with the beauty of Queen Seleine herself, that isn't something that goes unnoticed." She recited. I'd lost track of the times she'd fed me that line. It had worked the first few times, but then I caught on.

I really was invisible until I messed up or hurt someone. I just hated these dumb things. This particular occasion however, I had even more reason than usual. Dorian wouldn't be there, but Alec would. His inescapable criticism had the most infuriating way of decimating my fragile self-esteem. If, by some miracle or torturous design, he decided to dance with me, I knew it wouldn't end well.

I really don't think that anyone who understood my talent for public injury would judge me too harshly for stepping out at the first opportunity. With years of experience, I had several favorite hiding places, although my room wasn't one of them-the servants would see me enter and somehow Father would know I'd left early.

I always went back to check in every hour or so, to be sure I wasn't missed. Anna was the only one who'd notice, but she understood. She was always occupied with throngs of dancing partners anyhow. She always paid for her beauty and title with an aching back, blisters, and swollen feet the next morning.

In order to fulfill Eloise and Father's requirements, I slowly did a few laps around the ballroom. They couldn't fault me for not dancing if no one asked, but they would accuse me of not trying if I didn't at least appear to mingle. Bruised toes and muttered apologies marked my wake as I weaved between guests.

Sure that my father and aunt were occupied, I stealthily ducked out of the crowded room. My feet practically cheered when I removed my shoes, and ran through the hall on my tip toes. The hushed steps of my feet were drowned in the melody flowing from the orchestra. I wandered into the meadow beside the gardens.

The crisp, algid air was refreshing after the sweltering humidity of the dance. Clover sweetened the air. The dainty, resilient blossoms spread into a wide carpet. My toes squirmed as springy leaflets timidly embraced them.

What a relief to be away from the crowd! I could still hear the music, but the buzzing chatter was now quieter than a whisper.
A tender breeze ruffled the folds of the soft burgundy dress that Isabel had picked for me. The hair that Nora and Anna had so carefully pinned back had been begging all night to for release; I freed it. The wind picked up, nudging my arms and back. The distant melody beckoned for me to be a part of it.

I cautiously looked around. Except for the distant fringes of the garden, I was completely alone.

My father had caught me dancing like this once when I was younger. I had tried to hide from him, ashamed of my silliness. I remember how he hugged me, and said I should never be ashamed about something I loved so much, especially when I'd danced so beautifully. Somehow I still could never bear to let anyone see my so exposed. I kept this from Anna, even though my sister knew the most intimate details of my life. When I danced, it was for me alone.

It felt so good to express myself in the swift movements! The music's tempo increased and I leapt, and pirouetted, balancing into a soft arabesque. The light of Seleine shown more dazzlingly upon me, as if accepting my acknowledgment. The arabesque was her favorite ballet position. Performing it made me feel like she was dancing with me.

The outside world was gone. The secluded meadow and the diamond studded sky were the only beings in existence, outshined only by my mother. They sang to me and I reveled in their grace. The silver moon shone its light hauntingly across the meadow. The breeze sang eerily though distant branches. I was entranced by the spell they cast.

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