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"A Nymph in the Forest" by Charles Amable Lenoir
I'm excited to share with you my own retelling of Persephone (whose name I mispronounced for years!) This myth has many versions but always left so much to the imagination (and believe me, my imagination went wild). I'll be sharing parts of the book as I write them, so please be patient with any errors you may find, as this is a first draft! Start reading here.

Arabesque, a YA fantasy novel
Tatania is tired of living in her sister's shadow but doesn't know about Princess Anna's dark secret. Bound by a sacred oath, Anna's struggles to live a double life that can never be her own. Described as "Sense and Sensibility meets Ever After with ninjas," Arabesque is full of action, romance, intrigue, and betrayal.
Read more about Arabesque here.

Knight of Light Book Trailer 

Read about my amazing experience working on the book trailer for Deirdra Eden's novel, Knight of Light!

A Study in Color: my artistic explorations of different colors. Click on the images below to explore each color.  

Of course I knew just where to get the names! ;) 


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