Giveaway Marathon Day 20

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Win this Cool

Vintage California Raisin Posable Figure

from DreamLandEtsy!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who remember/collected these guys!
Jaime, of DreamLandEtsy, lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, two sons, and their dog. She grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Jaime came from a long line of self-taught artists and second-hand shoppers. Her love for artisan made goods and things that are old is ever present in her addiction to fabulous eclectic objects. She loves the beach, dogs, craft beer, black coffee, music festivals, costumes, and Harrison Ford.

Jaime has illustrated a children's book, studied and taught ceramics, and in her spare time, she makes jewelry, cooks dinner, makes costumes, stilt walks with the circus, plays in the mud, whitewater rafts, watchs the SyFy Channel, runs 3 Etsy shops (a vintage shop, a handmade shop, and a metal work shop) and goes to school full-time. Jaime is currently working to obtain her Bachelors in Science and aspires to get her Masters in Archaeology. . . someday, when the kids are in school!

Jaime's husband, Brent, has a background in Engineering, but he is currently working as a welder. Jaime also runs the Etsy shop for her husband's smaller metal work.
You can also find Jaime on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

There are several ways to enter, some of which you can do every day to earn extra entries until the giveaway ends! Enter here:a Rafflecopter giveaway

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