Giveaway Marathon Day 11: Win a Custom 3-pack of Geeky Art Prints from TheGeekerie!

12/02/2014 House of Geekiness 2 Comments

Win a Custom 3-pack* of Geeky Art Prints from TheGeekerie
*Our only exception would be bundle packs. Even at The Geekerie. there's no wishing for more wishes. Sorry guys, no trying to be sneaky and get three bundle packs, just one 3-pack ;) 

About TheGeekerie

We are an online source for print and poster art taking inspiration from all corners of Geekdom. I really hope you enjoy browsing through our science fiction, fantasy, science and astronomy designs. As a graphic designer and illustrator, I strive to supply a unique mix of modern, vintage and retro inspired art piece; extending my love of geek culture to similarly minded fans.

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  1. Hi it would be so awesome to win this giveaway, it would make my entire life. Is there any way that u can higher my chances?? If not it's fine! Thanks, love your work! :)