Donate to Animal Shelters by Playing Video Games!

3/07/2016 Laura Watkins 0 Comments

I love this company! We've been using World's Best Cat Litter since 2012. We found it when we were searching for a litter that was natural and wouldn't kill our bunny rabbit or dog (both of which tend to nibble on litter... I know, yuck). This stuff is made from corn and is all natural and was exactly what we were looking for. We love that it clumps so well and you don't get all the dust in the air when it gets stirred up. 

I signed up for World's Best Cat Litter's email list because they send out coupons quite frequently, and I just saw this cool thing! They're always donating to shelters, which is another reason we LOVE them. 

Check this out. So far, I've played just a few minutes and already donated 17 pounds of litter to animal shelters! I'm gonna download the app and let my kids play. They'll love playing and we'll be donating to shelters. Win-win.

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