Fairy Tea Party at Provo Library

3/07/2016 Laura Watkins 0 Comments

This was our third year attending Provo Library's Fairy Tea Party, and we loved it! All the kids and parents wear "fairy dress or Sunday best" and be part of a fun event with costumed actors, dancers, refreshments, and books. 

Since I didn't get around to posting about last year's Fairy Tea Party, I'm including pictures from both 2015 and 2016's Provo Library Fairy Tea Party.

Fairy Tea Program and Menu (2015)

The fairy tea began with instructions for the young fairies on etiquette ("polite young fairies always take small bites," curtsy and pirouette practice, etc.)  

The fairy tea party's decorations in Provo Library's ballroom were as beautiful as always.

The court heralded the arrival of the Fairy King and gathered to greet him.

The Fairy King read a proclamation that the Fairy Tea Party and officially started the Fairy Tea Party

The Fairy King's court watched several dancers perform short ballets.

I especially loved the part where our friend's 3 year old daughter discovered ballet. She kept yelling, "She's dancing! Look! She's dancing!" Her mother was mortified and kept trying to hush her but it was ADORABLE!

Fairy tea is served (lemon water, cheese, strawberries, mini muffins, and cookies) 

After being presented to the Fairy King, they got to sit and take pictures with the court

Last year, the fairies had an impromptu dance party in the middle of the ballroom. It was so cute and we really missed it this year!

A fairy warrior

Kevin and his fairy friend were a favorite with the girls! 

The Provo Library displayed beautiful little fairy homes and scenes for us to look at while waiting in line for a free book.

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