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We all have times when we just don't know what to say...all you can do is put your hand over your face—aka the facepalm. But what can you do when people are ridiculous, stupid, or downright rude? 
Captain Picard Star Trek Patrick Stewart Facepalm
My amazing grandma taught me that humor can be an incredibly powerful tool in diffusing a stressful situation. From sibling rivalry to arguments with my husband, adding a bit of humor or choosing to see the hilarity in a situation has been a huge help over the years.  Some of my best memories came from fighting with my sister, then suddenly joking together. 
Calvin and Hobbes Facepalm

I can't tell you how many times I've seen posts on social media where I just didn't know how to respond. The only reply I could muster was a facepalm. Especially with the political climate lately, I've found the need to express my speechlessness growing. After using the same handful of memes over and over again (no pun intended), I wanted to make it more fun—to branch out. And it became a game.
Elrond Lord of the Rings Facepalm
One of my friends, a super funny author named Dennis Gaunt (read more about Dennis and his books here) has at least two posts a day that make me either laugh so much I have to tell someone about it or are so silly (in a fun way) that I HAVE to reply with a relevant facepalm meme. You might be able to imagine what a meme a day is starting to turn into...

Dr Doctor House M.D. Facepalm
I didn't realize how much I'd began to rely on my facepalm meme collection until I moved and lost access to my images (which wasn't huge, but, apparently, essential). Thus, The Facepalm Project was born. I've started collecting my favorite facepalm (and related) images for times when you just don't know what to say.
Star Wars Princess Leia Facepalm
Ranging from movies, tv, and celebrities to animals and art, this collection is growing.
Sir Sir Ian McKellen holding a Picard Facepalm sign
Of course, I had to share my wealth! I hope this collection also helps you find more humor in your life, and maybe even turn a stressful situation into something fun.

Please enjoy and use wisely. Click here to peruse the entire collection or keep scrolling to see featured highlights of the collection. If you would like to contribute to the collection, leave a comment below.
Stargate Daniel Jackson facepalm

Yzma The Emperor's New Groove Facepalm
Eleventh Doctor Doctor Who facepalm Matt Smith
General Iroh Avatar the Last Airbender facepalm
Stephen Colbert Report Triple facepalm gif
Greuze Girl With a Dead Canary painting facepalm
Hogan's Heros Shultz, Klink, and Hogan triple facepalm
Jackie Chan facepalm what?? WHY??
Lion Facepalm
Marvel X-men Magneto facepalm gif
Mulan Disney Princess facepalm
President Barak Obama facepalm
Sam Supernatural facepalm
Scully laughing facepalm X-files
Sesame Street Burt and Ernie facepalm
Tommy Lee Jones "Are you serious seriously that stupid?"
Wonder Woman Facepalm
Click here to check out the entire collection!
Read more about my projects here.
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    1. hahah these are awesome!!! I need to go find facepalms now!

      1. Haha I know what you mean. I'm having way too much fun with these!