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1. Read through instructions completely before fusing your beads!

2. Have materials all materials ready. This is a delicate process, once you start ironing the beads you won’t have much time to gather anything you may need, so have it handy!
You will need: your patterns, beads, pegboard, parchment papers, an iron, a safe ironing surface, parchment paper, and one or more heavy, smooth-covered books (like hardcover Harry Potter #4-7 or any of the Wheel of Time books)

3. Assemble bead design on pegboard according to printed pattern, one bead equals colored square.

4. Heat iron to a low or linen setting if using a large iron or a medium temperature if using a small craft or travel size iron. Temperatures vary by iron and beadsprite size, so you may need to adjust the setting if the beads aren't melting quickly enough or if they're melting too quickly.

5. Place unwrinkled/creased ironing or parchment paper over your completed design.

6. Once iron is fully heated, move it slowly over the parchment paper using very little pressure, until you see each bead clearly through the paper. Do not to over-melt the beads!  (Be sure you can see each bead clearly on the parchment paper. Once you can see them all, they should be melted enough. Be sure each part of your design has gotten enough heat, especially the beads in the middle and edges!)

7. Lift parchment paper slowly from the pegboard. If melted enough, the beads will stick to the paper and lift easily.

8. Place parchment paper (bead-side up) on a completely flat surface that is safe to iron on.

9. Place second piece of parchment paper over the unfused side of your bead design and repeat steps 5 and 6.

10. After both sides have been melted/fused, place your parchment paper-bead sandwich on a completely flat surface, under a heavy book while the beads are still warm. This step is very important! If the beads are left to cool without being under a flat, heavy surface, they will curl and warp.

11. Let cool completely before removing book(s) and using your finishing kit!

12. Look over your bead sprite once it has cooled. Check to see that each bead as fused together, if not, apply steps 5, 6, and 10, to the unfinished beads areas. Once again, be sure not to over-melt the beads, only heat them until the bead’s outline shows clearly through the parchment paper.

13. Follow finishing kit instructions.

Finishing Kit Instructions


1. Select appropriate spot to attach nylon string. You'll want to select a spot about two or more beads from the top for the best durability. This should also be the hole nearest the bead sprite's center, but in some cases it may be slightly off-center if one side is larger than the other.

2. Thread string through hole.

3. Test center of balance by holding the string in each hand and letting the bead sprite hang naturally. If the bead sprite is not hanging straight, adjust to a different hole to compensate.

4. Knot the ends of the string together.

Wall Decor

1. Work putty between fingers until it softens to a chewing gum-like consistency.

2. Roll into a ball and place on back of wall décor.

3.Place décor on wall or other desired surface.

4. Press firmly onto the wall, placing enough pressure on putty to slightly flatten it, but not completely.


Materials needed: Magnets, superglue, brush or stick to spread the glue (toothpick, clean popsicle stick, wooded skewer, or disposable paint brush) bead sprites

1. Be sure bead sprite is fully fused before applying finishing kit.

2. Choose which side of your bead sprite will be the front or back.

3. Choose where you’re going to glue the magnets. If you place a magnet too far away from the top of the bead sprite, it may be too top heavy and not stay upright when sticking to metal surface. I like to place all the magnets near each other in a line, near the top.

4. Use brush or stick to cover magnet with a thin layer of glue.

5. Let glue dry for about one minute.

6. Apply second coat of glue. (Using two coats helps the adhesion)

7. Hold bead sprite face-up and press magnet onto desired area on the bead sprite back for a few seconds.
DO NOT lay the bead sprite face down to glue the magnet onto it, the glue can seep through the holes and leave an ugly residue on the front of your bead sprite!

8. Let glue dry completely before adding additional magnets to that bead sprite or the magnets will not stay in place!

9. Repeat steps as appropriate for each bead sprite. I like to use 2 magnets per small bead sprite to make them powerful enough to be useful.

10. Let dry overnight.

Unless you make a mistake and need to re-glue the magnets,
Never bend bead sprites or the magnets may come off!

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